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France, officially called the French Republic (République française).The urban area of the French Republic is from the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel, the North Sea, and between the Rhine to the Atlantic Ocean. French Guiana in South America, many islands in the Pacific ,Atlantic, Indian oceans are the overseas territories Of France.

The country have almost a total population of 67 million people. It is made up (incuding five overseas territory) from 643,801 square kilometres.

With its unitary semi-presidential republic, France, contains 18 integral regions (five are overseas). The capital is Paris, the largest  and leading cultural and commercial city of the country. Other major cities are Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Toulouse.

France has been a global center of art, philosophy, and science since very long time. It keeps third largest number of cultural UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Europe. Every year receives around 83 million tourists from all around the world.


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Every period of the year is the best time to visit France. Because of the different tastes, colorful harmony, the richness of each region with specialties, its all natural beauties, monuments and history in every span of the country, it is not easy to choose ...

The best way to decide what are we expecting from our visit to France and choose the best part convenient to our expectations in the best period we want to.

Every person has a different taste. France contains every tastes for all. Just choose your rythm and dream and go. Be part of the fabulos visits.

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